About T&M Protection Resources

T&M Protection Resources is one of the leading security companies in the United States . Now, in a move to bolster its international presence, the company, which is under American Jewish ownership, has established T&M Israel.


For over three decades, T&M Protection Resources has been supplying a wide range of security services, which have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Advanced technological solutions and team members who are leaders in their fields are involved in every facet of the company’s operations.


T&M Protection Resources is owned by Robert Tucker, Pegasus Capital Advisors and Mr. Nathaniel Rothschild, and is considered one of the leading security firms in the U.S. market. The firm supplies security services to public institutions, businesses and private individuals. Its American clients include the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, American Express, BNP Paribas, the Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, and Motorola.


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T&M Israel – American Standards in Israel

In recent years, T&M Protection Resources has been bolstering its international operations by acquiring leading Israeli companies in the fields of technology, security cleaning & maintenance, and has now set up T&M Israel.


Management of the T&M Israel Group is in the capable and professional hands of Mr. Shimon Talmor. Mr. Talmor, who is in possession of rich knowledge and experience in the fields of security and protection, is considered one of the leading professionals in the field.


The T&M Israel Group comprises a number of Israeli firms that are leaders in their fields. The Group is organized into three main divisions:

  • The Security and Protection Division – which includes the Sa’ar and Goshen companies
  • The Central Monitoring and Electronic Protection Division – which includes the b-protect and Moked Habitahon companies
  • The Cleaning and Maintenance Division – which includes Or-Orly Shehakim
T&M Israel

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