About T&M Israel

The T&M Israel Group is a leading service supplier, offering a solution in four main fields –  security, central monitoring and low-voltage, cleaning and maintenance and outsourcing. The Group’s principal centres are located in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa the Sharon area and Beer Sheva, whereby each of the branches offers customers a wide range of services and serves as a One Stop Shop for their requirements.

The T&M Israel Group is an independent business arm of the American company T&M Protection Resources. Management of the company rests in the trusted and professional hands of Mr Shimon Talmor, and our experienced divisional managers operate under his baton, and who together lead the Group while placing emphasis on a professional solution and top quality service.

The professional knowhow and the rich experience that we have accumulated enable us to supply every customer with a solution, custom-made specifically for its requirements and abilities.

We would be happy to meet with you, without any obligation, and together to develop a model which will offer you optimal service – please contact us.